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Indian handicrafts appear in its finery, providing a glimpse of a highly enriched cultural tradition with all its history and ethnicity. The domain of Indian crafts indeed appears to be too vast and diverse to comprehend. But what appears, as most striking is the ageless aesthetic appeal, which has lent to the continuing tradition of the crafts.
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Indian travel is one of the fastest growing segments of the india places, and it is bringing people together in a way that the world has never seen before. Travel is equally a growth industry on the Internet as travel sites proliferate, and our goal is simple: to help you find the free travel website information, guides and packages you seek.
Real State
The Indian real estate sector plays a significant role in the country's economy. The real estate sector is second only to agriculture in terms of employment generation and contributes heavily towards the gross domestic product (GDP). Almost five per cent of the country's GDP is contributed to by the housing sector
Society & Culture
The Indian society is not a uniform one. This is a natural corollary to the fact that diversity is a part of Indian way of life. From region to region, diversity in the social structure is prominently seen. The Indian social traditions and customs are markedly different and so those of the eastern India from those of other parts of the country. And here lies the tantalizing element of mystery associated with India.
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This exclusive section of Go4india offers a complete source of information about Hotels in India. This all inclusive segment provides listings of Hotels and Resorts in India that ease your accommodation search for your travel needs. Plan your tour program in India & find all necessary details about Indian Hotels and Resorts right here. This Hotels & Resorts directory of all Indian cities.
Cosmetics and Beauty
Cited below is a comprehensive list of the upcoming trade shows, events, expositions and fairs on Cosmetic and Beauty products and services Industry in India. Cosmetic and Beauty trade fairs and trade shows cater to the needs of manufacturers, exporters, , buyers, service providers along with the foremost medical practitioners & scientists having expertise in the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry.